The Cloud Native Diabolical Developer

Methodology & Culture

It's been 8 years since the Diabolical Developer hosted this in(famous) session in which he challenged everything that the modern developer holds to be good and true. But now things are different, we've moved on, we now have Cloud Native First technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, all of the AWS services and even Serverless.

So we're sorted now, right? No, no we are not.

The developer today stands in a sea of DevOps tools, Cloud providers, service meshe's, APIs, frameworks, best practices, software development methodologies, and much more, all designed to stop you from actually writing code. WAT.

The session takes you through practical steps you can take to free yourself from the cloud-native chains the industry has put on you. You will leave empowered and will get back to doing what you love the most, actually writing code.

Software Development
Cloud Native Applications

Martijn Verburg


Martijn Verburg is the CEO and co-founder of jClarity, a Machine Learning based Java/JVM performance analysis company. He is the leader of the London Java User Group (LJC) and London CTO user groups and is the Director at, the community behind 40M+ downloads of OpenJDK! Martijn is the co-author of "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" on Java, Polyglot Programming on the JVM and modern software development techniques. He was made a Java Champion in 2014 as recognition for his contribution to the Java ecosystem. He's a popular speaker at major conferences (JavaOne, JFokus, OSCON, Devoxx etc) where he is known for challenging the industry status quo as "the Diabolical Developer".

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