Introducing Spring Framework 6.0
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Room 8
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The next generation of Spring applications is almost here!

Spring Framework 6.0 brings an exciting new baseline for the entire Spring ecosystem: Java 17, Jakarta EE 9+. This is the foundation for Spring Boot 3.0 and the beginning of new major themes, ranging from AOT/Native to Observability.

During this presentation, Stéphane and Brian will cover the main topics of this new release:

  • the new Java 17 and Jakarta EE 9 baseline
  • the AOT/Native efforts for GraalVM native applications and efficient JVM apps
  • the Spring Observability initiative and what it means for various components like RestTemplate, web controllers...
  • the new Java interface clients for HTTP and other transports
  • Support for RFC 7807 problem details
  • and more!
Stéphane Nicoll

Stéphane has 20 years of experience in software engineering with a strong focus on API development on the JVM. After having spent more than a decade developing large scale Java enterprise applications in the geospatial, financial, or logistics sectors, he joins the core Spring Framework development team in 2014. Currently, Stéphane works on Spring Boot and leads, a service that helps millions of users start their next application.

Brian Clozel

Spring Framework, Spring Boot and Spring for GraphQL committer at VMware.