Productivity tools you should know about if you want to have a focused learning path

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Due the extreme amount of resources we're getting overwhelmed with blogs, articles, youtube channels, online courses, books, etc...

After this conference you'll definitely have multiple topics you want to learn more about. But distractions, information overload, work priorities and others are not helpful towards focused learning. Maybe your HR department enforces you to do a yearly reflection on what you've learned, and you'll definitely have stuff to tell, but most likely there will also be topics that you where not able to dive in to as much as you wanted. During the years I've combined different proven techniques like OKR's and GROW. But I always struggled to keep track of them on a daily/weekly basis.

I'm not an HR guy I'm technical and I love tools. So I'm using tools to motivate myself and to get my focus back, I'm using notion, pocket, IFTTT, Kanban boards and mind mappings, etc.. Some I failed to keep in my daily routine but others where surprisingly useful. Those are the ones I want to share with you so that you can started using them and become an even more better developer in no-time. These tools will become your personal coach. They'll help you to reason about your goals as a developer, they will help you to organise all the gathered information, they will enforce you to work on your skills on a short- and long-term basis, and they'll make sure that you spend your time more wisely. I wished that I knew about them many years ago.

Stijn Vanpoucke


Stijn started as a Java developer more than a decade ago. He worked as a consultant in Agile development projects for many companies in multiple industries in Belgium. Today he works as a freelance Lead Developer / Technical Architect. Over the years Stijn became a believer of Agile development and Domain Driven Design. He loves to reason about implementation architectures and technologies. He had always been involved in the non-technical supporting tasks for his teams or companies, like recruiting or coaching and training other co-developers.

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