Revolutionizing Java-Based Applications with GraalVM
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 8
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Minimizing resource usage and ensuring scalability are major concerns in cloud deployments. For Java applications, GraalVM Native Image offers a perfect deployment platform for the cloud, enabling fast startup, low memory footprint, and instant performance. Additionally, there is improved performance predictability, simplified packaging, and better scalability. This talk will cover how to take advantage of this new revolutionary way to run Java-based applications including trade-offs and limitations.

Alina Yurenko
Oracle Labs

Alina is a developer advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research & development organization at Oracle. A big believer in open source and communities, helping JHipster, community organizer in the past. Love both programming & natural languages.

Thomas Wuerthinger

Thomas Wuerthinger is a Senior Research Director at Oracle Labs and the GraalVM founder and project lead. Previously, he worked on the Crankshaft optimizing compiler of V8 at Google, and the Maxine research virtual machine at Sun Microsystems. He received a PhD degree from JKU Linz for his research about dynamic code evolution.