Re-design for the cloud A real life example of horizontal scaling

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Re-design for the cloud: a real life example of horizontal scaling receives 4.2 million urls to supplier images, each day! Each one of them should be downloaded but can potentially contain malicious content.

We have developed a custom proxy server which takes care this, but this process is very resource intensive. It makes it hard to scale on demand in the data center. Luckily we have chosen to go to the cloud! During this presentation we will show you how we solved this by re-designing the process, making sure we maximize the benefits of the cloud.

How we changed the import process from one big “atomic action” to multiple logical units.

This eventually enabled us to on scale on purely what matters: the business logic.

Rene Kroon

Engineer at, working on middleware services and libraries. I have a family with 2 kids and live in the Netherlands. I like scaling systems that are also correct, complete and on time.

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