How to Build A Decompiler

Mind the Geek

The talk is going to describe the architecture of a decompiler and the chain of transformations it takes to convert native/byte-code to functionally equivalent high level programming language code.

The theoretical background of each of these transformations is going to be discussed with a focus on its limitations and the possible trade offs that could be made. Various techniques and heuristics for improving the human readability of the decompiled code are going to be presented.

The overall practical limitations and usefulness of decompilation are then going to be discussed in the light of the knowledge presented so far.

A short overview of the obfuscation techniques and their limitations and usefulness is going to conclude the talk.

Computer Science

Tsviatko Yovtchev


Creator of JustDecompile - the fastest .NET decompiler, NativeScript and a number of other developer tools with more than a million users combined. A manager and architect with focus on above average complexity, borderline scientific research projects with 15 years of experience creating teams and products.

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