Configuration management for programmers: how to set up virtual machines the easy way

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure
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As a programmer, you don't have to configure large servers and networks; but you might need to set up virtual machines or Docker containers. This is where configuration management tools like Ansible, Puppet or Chef come in handy. Some of them are easy to learn and can save you from a lot of manual work.

In this session I will show a few things that we programmers can learn from operations engineers. By the end you'll know why it's good to configure your machines automatically, which tools are available and how to choose one for your project.

Corina Stratan


I am a developer at TOPdesk, where I have a great time doing back-end programming. I also work on performance monitoring and on projects that have to do with infrastructure. In the rest of my time, I mostly play with my children and fiddle with baking recipes.

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