Java 12 & 13. What's new and noteworthy?

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Hey, there were two major Java versions released since last Devoxx! We don't have to wait 3 years or so for new features any more. Isn't that cool? 😉

So... you'd like to check what has happened since Java 11?

Switch expressions?

String blocks?

New functions in String, Streams and other APIs?

What are the Shenandoah and ZGC about?

AppCDS to speed up spin-off?

If you find them interesting, let's dive deep together into new interesting stuff.

Piotr Przybyl


Notorious engineer at work and after hours, tracing meanders of the art of software engineering. Software Gardener, mostly working in web-oriented Java gardens. Fan of agility, seen mostly as choosing the right tools and approaches. Lead developer, trainer and conference speaker.

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