Evolution of a Platform as a Service from the inside

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It took 4 years for Google App Engine to move from Java 7 to Java 8... Just for a simple JVM upgrade. Right... Or maybe not?

App Engine is known to be an application running on Google's Borg system, the internal cluster manager that runs millions of jobs for thousands of applications...

The origins of the Open Source Kubernetes come from Borg concepts. In this highly scalable environment, Security of jobs is paramount, even more when running internal Google payloads and external customer payloads. The new gVisor sandbox is the foundation for the new App Engine runtimes (Node.js, Java 8/11, PHP, etc...), allowing developers to use the entire spectrum of JVM frameworks, like SpringBoot, jHispter, Kotlin, Google Cloud APIs, while keeping the original concepts of App Engine.

It is also the foundation for Google Cloud Function and Google Cloud Run, enhancing the spectrum of deployment serverless artifacts from Functions to Applications and now to Containers.

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Ludovic Champenois


TL Java, Google App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run

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